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Welcome to Web 3

In a rapidly changing financial world, stay up-to-date with our Web 3 Telegram channel. Get free access to; Findings, logs, education and fundamentals here.

On-chain swaps

Protect earnings

Private & Secure wallets

Embark on your crypto journey

Learn how to transition into Web 3 safely and smoothly

On & Off Ramps

Track prices and follow charts

Earn interest on your crypto

Decentralized Finance

Validating, Delegating, Liquidity Providing

Keep your crypto safe and secure

Key Features



DeFi allows you to swap USD, EURO and more for almost any asset known to man. The list of assets are growing everyday headed toward a world of tokenization.

For example swap Solana to USDC in the blink of an eye for $.0015 (a fraction of a penny), these fees are a driving factor to why large payment networks  are going to be moving to the blockchain.


Traditional finance is alredy showing signs of adopting Web 3. Take Venmo for example, you can make everday purchases and get Bitcoin as a cashback option. We find this to be a powerful tool. You can now convert your everyday normal spending into a price appreciating investment vehicle. We currently use Venmo to DCA into BTC.

Private & Secure

DeFis most powerful asset are private keys. These keys are what hold the custody to your native assets or crypto, the bank is not in control of your money, you are. As long as you hold your keys you always have access to you digital wallet. This allows you to access capital immediately and allow you to invest and move money at the speed of light. This is going  to enchance the legacy system of finance allowing the operations to be more robust. 

This is how you enter and exit the crypto space to and from the traditional legacy financial system.

1. Choose an On / Off Ramp

Learn how to move your crypto from one wallet to another, swap from one asset to another. Also how to convert your crypto to stables and protect your earnings on-chain.

2. Purchase Some Crypto

This is where you store your crypto. Make sure that you and only you hold the private keys. As they say "not your keys, not your crypto". You keys are what give you custody and freedom of movement. There are entire ecosystems you can explore once your DeFi wallet has been made

3. Create a Web 3 Wallet


3 Steps To Get Started

DeFi Protocols

Welcome to Web 3 - The world of Tokenization

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