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Adaptv Story

Adaptv Ventures was yet to have its name at this time back in 2017-2018 bull run for crypto currency. The current market cap of the time was somewhere near 80 billion for the overall market, this is where we first landed our ventures in Web 3 not knowing what this space was going to become. Our first purchases were ETH, XRP, and BNB, this was actually done on the binance network at the time and was quite revolutionary. 

We were not very active in the ecosystem after our first bear market as we did not fully understand BTC cycles, however we were very interested in the market as a whole and began our research. We then caught some wind into the next DeFi bull run investing in ETH and Cronos before it got listed on Coinbase at an average buy price of .17 cents, ended up selling not at the top but a solid .77 cents, from then on we were infatuated.

After solidifying profits in the space, one of our pivotal moments was getting into node validating, yes actual validating not staking nor delegating, we still did all of those things, However we built our own mining rigs. We took some capital and deployed it into physical equipment and starting mining ETH which also allowed to tax harvest some earnings into the following year.We still hold ETH to this day. It is sad to announce the miners can no longer be used to mine ETH due to the POS shift and changing market conditions. We still run our GPU miners to this day and are proud because it is a Web 3 feat allowing us to understand how the base layer operation of nodes work.

We lost some capital to Terra Luna crash, this was due to Anchor protocol and the depeg of UST but still managed to have some risk diversity and capital preservation in mind, we safely were able to walk away with profits and took a bet on Solana and Avalanche due to some positive news we thought would work out even though FTX and Alameda Labs caused a major crash with Solana (We took this opportunity to buy a solid amount of SOL for very great prices). This fast forwards us to today. Currently sitting on a staggering $100 SOL and $40 AVAX which we locked up all year in staking. We are wrapping up 2023 and headed into 2024 and very excited to be able to keep pushing the envelope and building in the space.

It is our goal and mission to continue investing in Web 3 as we feel it is Stock market 2.0 the financial system and data system on rails it has never sat before. We are confident and bullish in the newley found network and believe it is going to head in directions people would never fathom. More importantly, we want to  continue growing the network in many ways, education, staking, validating, delegating, and soon will be working on our own project and releasing a token in the near future. We also believe the next generation of globalized business and coorperations will be tokenized and this is how companies will access liqidity in the future. DeFi is going to change the way we manage and move money for the better. Faster cheaper, immutable, omnipotent and always in our control.

The sole reason the network will grow is people and only people. The community is everything so this next chapter is to start onboarding more users into the ecosystem, which will only benefit the space as a whole.




Adaptv in Numbers

The start of our Web³ Journey was in the first craze of BTC during the bullrun to 20k.



Once you make the transition over to Web³ you will have access to hundreds of chains with thriving protocols. 


DeFi Chains

Learn how to invest is over 2 million  different crypto assets.


Digital assets

The entire ecosystem of Web³ has near 90 million wallets and growing. Projected to double in the next year.


Number of Users

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