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Adaptv Thesis

Our thesis is built around the growth rate of internet users. This is arguably the most influential technology on the planet known to man. It has allowed us to connect, educate, entertain, stream, deliver physical products and converted much of the world over to digital format. This has been an a monmuental shift in human existance and social behavior. It will continue to push the envelope as to what we can achieve and create as a species.

At the bottom of our site we explain how the internet from 2000-2010 in terms of users grew roughly 62.5% year over year. The more interesting part is how blockchain has dwarfed the most influential technology known to man by almost 2x (in terms of user growth). The user growth rate in Web 3 has been 113% year over year. This being revealed as a calculatable metric, we now have to take a look at Metcalfe's Law. Metcalfe's Law states "the financial value or influence of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of users of the system. The law is named by Robert Metcalfe and was first proposed in 1980. He was one of the main pioneers of ethernet and is what is connecting the masses this very moment. 

This now brings us as to why we expect Web 3 to be one of the largest financial shifts tailored alongside the biggest inflow of capital and return on investment ever known to man. Globally only .23% of all money is invested in cryptocurrency, we have leaps and bounds to go before we hit a 1% mark which will therefore grow the space 4x from the time of formulating our thesis. 

Much like the dot com boom, we are staring at the face of the Web 3 boom which is going to be converting most of the world over to "tokenization". A company shifting to being tokenized is simply when you shift from being purchased on a stock exchange to being purchased on the blockchain. It is very similar to how companies aquire liquidity but in a more globalized standpoint. We already live in a globalized world however not in a financial realm. Most companies are locked in to specific jurisdiction and can only aquire liqidity from markets native to where they are located. Shift to todays current realm and now those same companies can have global inflows from anywhere in the world. This is becoming one of the powerful investment vehicles and is going to outshine all other methods of pooling liquidity moving forward into the future. We believe the blockchain is the epicenter of where global value will be stored. 

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